Single-exposure portrait captured in-camera using a combination of off-camera lighting and long-exposure techniques

Take the Next Step
Just purchased your first DSLR or Mirrorless camera and need to know how to use it? Interested in adding off-camera lighting to your repertoire? Want to learn how to pose and get your subjects comfortable? Work with an experienced pro to take your photography game to the next level!
Brandon's background in newspaper and magazine photography combined with his experience in a variety of commercial, portrait, still-life, and landscape photography gives him a uniquely broad skillset that can help you get the best photographs of your life!
Topics include:
- Basic camera/lens functions, settings, and technique
- Advanced photo technique (remote, long-exposure, etc)
- Composition
- Natural light
- Beginning off-camera lighting
- Advanced off-camera lighting
- Advanced lighting technique (light painting, mixed-lighting, etc)
- Portraiture
- Still-Life
- Landscapes
- Photojournalism
- Street photography
- Audio Slideshows
- Sports
- Editing (using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom)
... and much more!​​​​​​​
Learning Tailored to You
Whether you're looking to learn in a digital setting or in one-on-one hands-on sessions (or a combination of both), you can tailor your lessons to your specific needs and budget. Learn at your own pace the skills you want to improve, with optional access to equipment to try out your new skills. Every education package includes personalized instruction with Brandon as well as assignments, critique, feedback, and more!
Beyond Technique
Learn the mindsets and philosophies critical to improving your creative vision beyond just the buttons, dials, and gear. Meta-skills such as pre-visualization, improvisation, working a scene, and understanding body language can take an average photograph and turn it in an unforgettable one. Learn the confidence required to walk onto a scene and see it in a way that nobody else can.

Single exposure portrait captured in-camera using a combination of off-camera lighting, lightpainting, and long-exposure techniques.

Education Package Pricing
Take advantage of budget-friendly, one-on-one digital learning sessions conducted over Google Meet. Sessions are priced by the hour and participants are required to provide their own gear, subjects, locations, and internet access. Online-only sessions are more like coaching sessions rather than hands-on demonstrations.
$50/hour - includes post-session assignments, critique, and feedback
Hands-On Learning
Take advantage of demonstrations, guided photo sessions, and hands-on instruction conducted in-person. Sessions are priced by the hour, with the option to add-on gear rental, models, on-location experience, and more. Hands-on sessions can be fully customized to meet your individual needs and desires - the sky is the limit.
$75/hour - includes post-session assignments, critique, and feedback
Varies - On-location expenses, including travel distance, parking, event pricing, studio rentals, permits, etc (if applicable - based on actual costs incurred)
Optional Add-Ons:
$50/session - lighting gear rental (flashes, light stands, modifiers, etc - deposit required)
$100/item/session - camera/lens rental (Limited range of Canon and Fuji X gear available - memory card rental included with camera body rental - deposit required)
Varies - Models, hair/make-up, other talent can be booked by Brandon at market rates (if applicable - you set the budget)

Single-exposure landscape photo captured in-camera using a colored lens filter, tripod, and long-exposure.techniques.

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