The Story Only You Can Tell
Everybody has a story to tell. Whether it's a war story, a story about love or loss, of hope or despair, we each carry within us the stories that shaped us, informed the way we see the world and make our way through the journey we call life. Immortalize that story with a Photo Documentary, a one-of-a-kind combination of powerful photographs and narration provided by the only person who has ever truly lived your story: You.
By pairing your voice with professional photography by Brandon Iwamoto, you can create a memorable and unique testament to your mark on this world, and the mark the world has left on you.
Cherished Memories
Life is fleeting, but the stories we leave behind can last forever. Whether its your part in history, or the passion you pursued throughout your life, create a lasting reminder of what mattered most to you in this life to leave behind for future generations.
Share Your Vision With The World
Photo Documentaries are a natural and distinctive way to promote your business, build your personal brand, or speak for a cause. By using your own voice, you can build a personal connection with your audience in a way that is both visually striking and emotional, and is guaranteed to make your voice stand out above all the noise.
The Power of Storytelling
With my background in newspaper photojournalism, I am passionate about telling stories through breathtaking imagery that captures the personality of my subjects. As a certified expert in nonverbal communication (body language) you can be sure that, whether posed or candid, every photo I take will perfectly compliment the story being told in a way that enhances the overall presentation.
Pricing includes the photography session(s), audio recording/interview, high-quality editing and production, and the final Photo Documentary project. Images from the photo session(s) can be purchased in packages or individually, as both digital files and prints.
For Photo Documentaries intended for commercial use, you can customize a package that best suits your usage needs (including social media-friendly teasers, digital image packages, licensing, etc).
Contact Brandon Iwamoto for pricing!
Thank you!I will review your request and will be in contact soon to discuss your project!-Brandon
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